A Brioche Along and Two New Hats

It’s been a busy month! I learned to do brioche, I’m preparing for a knitalong in February and I have several new designs at varying stages of the progress. Hello, sleep? I swear, I’ll come back to you soon.

I’ve wanted to learn the brioche technique for a long time now, but I always felt so intimidated by it. It seems so complicated and like I’d never be able to figure it out.

I know I’m not alone in being intimidated by the brioche stitch. I’ve chatted with countless knitters as we wistfully remarked, “Yeah, I’d love to learn, but where do I start?”

And that’s what led to my first finished project. I designed and knit my Lancet Arch Hat. It’s a two-color brioche hat designed with brioche beginners in mind. The pattern includes links to tutorials to help along the way. If you are interested in test knitting this hat, please let me know in the thread here.

I can tell you now that brioche is not as hard as it looks once you get the hang of it. Sure, it’s different and there are a few extra steps, but it is certainly easier than I had expected. I had such a great time learning to brioche while designing this hat. I can’t wait to cast on my next brioche project!

I also finished my second new hat design called Imaginary Companions using MollyGirl Yarns Rockstar Worsted. This yarn is so round and bouncy. The fabric it creates is incredibly stretchy and soft to the touch. I can already tell this will be a new favorite hat. And do you see that color?! Wow! Angela’s colorways are incredibly vibrant. She even carries colors that glow under black light. I just sent this out for testing, so be on the lookout for this one soon.

What’s been keeping you busy this week? Any new projects on or off the needles?

xoxo Laura

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