The Perfect Skein 6

I’d like you to meet Faerie Hair. Isn’t she beautiful?

Faerie Hair

Let me tell you a story. When I first discovered indie dyed yarn I found, as many of us do, Voolenvine Yarns. It was like a magic trove of yarny goodness with each colorway prettier than the last. The colors and combinations were mesmerising. And then I saw Faerie Hair. I knew that was a skein I needed in my life. All I had to do was buy some.

Easier said than done.  With each shop update, I was either too late or, even worse, cart jacked. I clearly wasn’t the only one that felt this way about Kristin’s yarn.

Then came #getyouryarnwishgranted in the winter of 2015. I put my desperate plea out into the world and lo and behold my dear friend Melissa of the Spicy Homemaker Podcast had a skein she was willing to part with. On the Wolke base no less. What luck! The package arrived a week or so later and Faerie Hair was mine! I couldn’t wait to cake it up and get knitting.


But what was I going to knit with this amazing new yarn of mine? It was too good for socks. It needed to be knit into something I could touch often. Maybe something I could wear around my neck. Maybe a shawl. I had to find the perfect pattern for this perfect yarn. There were so many options; so many beautiful patterns.

Too many options. And none were “just right”. So I held off caking my dear Faerie Hair up until I found THE pattern. It sat at the top of my stash. I would take this lovely skein down just to pet and admire. “I can’t wait until I find the right pattern for you.”

A year later and Faerie Hair is still in my stash, still at the top and still being admired. But it dawned on me the other day. Maybe I don’t need to find the “perfect pattern”. Maybe there wasn’t one. Maybe whatever project this wonderful yarn was knit into would make it perfect. It will certainly serve me much better knit up into a lovely accessory than sitting atop my stash as if it were in a museum.

So it’s been settled. This will be my first new cast on of 2017. I haven’t decided the pattern yet, but I’ve narrowed it down. And I’ll let you in on a secret- I might be designing my own! Come January 1st I will cast on and, with any luck, I will be enjoying it’s knitted beauty not long after.

Do you have a skein in your stash that you just haven’t brought yourself to knit? A yarn that is much too perfect for a pattern designed by mere mortals? Tell me what it is in the comments and maybe this is just the push you needed to cast on yourself.

xoxo Laura

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6 thoughts on “The Perfect Skein

    • Laura Post author

      Jennifer, that’s a sad blog story for another day, but sadly it’s not completed yet. Long story short is I started two different shawls and wasn’t happy with either. 🙁 But I’m still determined to get it knit!

  • Naomi

    Yes! I did the same thing with Special Snowflake and had to design my own pattern for it to be what I wanted the skein to be. And I LOVE it! It’s my favorite one now. Good for you to follow the yarns story and let it be what it wants to be. 😊

  • Amanda Anson

    Good for you to cake up that lovely skein! I love that it will start your new year! I have several in the stash at the moment that I pet and love on and think they are so pretty just the way they are!! But I also know I want to knit something with them and very soon that’s what their intented for! I agree sometimes it’s the yarn that brings perfection to the pattern. And some times a little magic happens when a pattern and yarn collide and it’s completely meant to be!! I can not wait to add Voolenvine to my collection!